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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

  • LymphFlow Therapy
  • Post-Surgical Lymph Care
  • Recovery Lymphatics Spa
  • Gentle Drainage Healing
  • Surgical Recovery Wellness

Slimming Therapy Massage with LipoZero

  • Slim & Tone Sculpting
  • Contour Wellness Massage
  • Body Slim Harmony
  • Shape & Define Therapy
  • Affordable Packages

Hijama (Cupping Therapy)

  • Cup of Health Hijama
  • Traditional Hijama Wellness
  • Holistic Hijama Sanctuary
  • Hijama Harmony Spa
  • Suction Healing Therapy

Chinese Cupping Therapy

  • Cupping Harmony
  • Eastern Cup Wellness
  • Zen Cupping & Healing
  • Oriental Cup Therapeutics
  • Qi Flow Cupping


  • Sole Harmony Reflexology
  • Foot Connection Therapy
  • Reflex Zen
  • Sole Sanctuary
  • Balanced Steps Reflexology

Madero Therapy

  • Madero Muscle Release
  • Wood Therapy Wellness
  • Sculpt & Tone Madero
  • Timber Tranquility
  • Madero Body Contour

Deep Tissue Massage

  • Deep Relief Bodyworks
  • Tension Tamer Therapy
  • Deep Muscle Rejuvenation
  • Firm Pressure Wellness
  • Deep Tissue Respite

Swedish Massage

  • Swedish Bliss Spa
  • Serene Swedish Touch
  • Relax & Unwind Massage
  • Swedish Elegance Therapy
  • Swedish Featherlight

Sports Massage Therapy

  • Sports Recovery Bodyworks
  • Athletic Edge Therapy
  • Peak Performance Massage
  • Sports & Fitness Relief
  • Athlete’s Retreat Spa

Post Natal Massage

  • Postpartum Bliss Therapy
  • New Mother Renewal
  • Post-Birth Rejuvenation
  • Maternal Serenity Spa
  • Post Natal Wellness

Prenatal Massage

  • Prenatal Peace Therapy
  • Expectant Serenity Spa
  • Gentle Pregnancy Relaxation
  • Prenatal Tranquility Haven
  • Mom-to-Be Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

  • Manual Lymph Relief
  • MLD Harmony Spa
  • Lymphatic Wellness Works
  • Manual Drainage Serenity
  • Gentle Lymph Flow


  • AromaSerenity
  • Essence of Tranquility
  • AromaBalance Therapy
  • Aromatherapy Haven
  • Scents of Relaxation

Hot Stone Massage

  • Stone Serenity Spa
  • Heated Stones Wellness
  • ZenStone Therapy
  • Warm Stone Oasis
  • Affordable Packages

Sciatica Massage

  • Specialized Sciatica Treatment
  • Certified Therapists
  • Customized Approach
  • Holistic Healing
  • Affordable Packages

Our Pricing

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30 Minute Massage

250 AED

45 Minute Massage

400 AED

60 Minute Massage

550 AED

75 Minute Massage

600 AED

120 Minute Massage

1,100 AED

They know their stuff and are able to maintain my body so that i can achieve my personal fitness goals.

Aimee Fischer-Gray


Not only a joy to deal with, we always know her treatments will be truly fantastic & rehabilitative.

Lachlan & Sarah Murdoch


I’m a huge believer in massage therapy. I recommend it to everyone & proud to support Jackie.

Michael Ryan


All the staff here are well trained, friendly and professional. Flexible opening hours, and can book online.

Alison Barry


New Client Special Offer

When you refer a friend to Getchecked Clinic, you’ll receive a complimentary massage session as a token of our appreciation. We’re eager to welcome you and your friends and embark on a journey towards improved muscular health and wellbeing together at Getchecked Clinic.


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