Choose a Toxins Test to get started

Heavy Metals Test

Tests for exposure to harmful heavy metals and elements such as arsenic, lead, and mercury

Mycotoxins Test

Measures levels of common mycotoxins produced by mold that people are exposed to from both dietary and environmental source

Total Tox Burden Test

Offers complete insight into levels of heavy metals, mold, and environmental toxins in the body

Test for Toxins

Humans are exposed to a wide array of toxins from the environment and common household products. Environmental toxins or toxicants are man-made or naturally occurring substances that can cause acute or chronic toxic overload when absorbed, inhaled, or ingested. For example, heavy metals, pesticides, petroleum by-products, and other chemicals. High exposure to toxins can have detrimental effects as it can affect multiple body systems.1
Vibrant Toxic Exposures testing detects various toxins and can reveal the root cause of chronic inflammatory symptoms and disease.

Toxic Exposures and Longevity

ging is associated with a decline in the ability to mount robust responses to toxins, making one more susceptible to toxic burden.2 Prolonged exposure to Environmental toxins and Mycotoxins leads to the risk of DNA damage and affects genomic stability.3,4 Heavy metals can interfere with protein folding and can induce protein denaturation, thereby affecting proteomic stability.5 As a result, exposure to toxins can affect molecular function which may be detrimental to biological aging.6,7

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